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How RE:Start Combines Databases (Renewal/Classic)

Unfortunately, the RE:Start server isn’t able to make use of a single existing database because of it being a combination of classic and renewal mechanics. Here’s a brief run down of how RE:Start’s data is calculated.

Stats from Renewal:
The highlighted areas are correct for RE:Start. Def/MDef, Agi/Vit/Int/Dex/Luk, and the Elemental Damage Table. I’ve left out Flee/Hit for the time being because this needs further explanation.

Stats from Classic:
The information pulled from the classic database includes potentially the most important information, the EXP charts. HP and level are also from the classic DB, level is important here because this causes both DB to have incorrect flee and hit listings.

Most monsters will follow the classic DB, but a few exceptions have been found in game, list below.

Oddities of the Database:

Due to the way renewal calculates hit and flee (based on monster level and their dex or agi) monster’s flee will need to be recalculated. To do this, the following equation is needed:

 [(renewal monster level) – (classic monster level) = X] and then [(Renewal Flee or hit) – (X) = (Restart hit/flee)]

So if we are to use a Clock as an example, it would look like this:

Hit Calculation [(81) – (60) = 21] and then [(305) – (21) = (284)]
Flee Calculation  [(81) – (60) = 21] and then [(348) – (21) = (327)]

This type of change makes for monsters that have high dex because of their renewal level still being quite deadly. Especially monsters like Raydrics that were level 100+ and have their dex and agi inflating their hit and flee ratings.

Reported Monsters who don’t fit the databases:

  • Thiefbug and Thiefbug(Female) are flipped, the small ones are using the exp/stats of the big ones and visaversa.
  • Migaos
  • Stings
  • Majorus