The current episode of the RE:Start (Odin) server is roughly Episode 8.2 based on map availability, however much of the content added with these episodes is broken or missing.

# Update
1 Start of the Adventure
2 Lutie
3 Comodo ~ Turtle Island
4 War of Emperium (Not yet available)
5 Juno (2-2 Classes currently unavailable)
6 Expanded Towns
Amatsu ~ KunLun ~ Louyang (8.1)~ Ayothaya (8.2)
7 Umbala (Dungeon maps 1 and 2 are removed, entrance portal connects to Ygg Tree)
8 Nifflheim
?? The Sign and Geffenia
10 Einbroch the City of Steel

Content Update History:

Available Features:

Missing Content:

For an overall picture of the rest of the year’s update schedule for RESTART:

  • December: Lighthalzen/Kiel Hyre
  • January: Second Class Skill Quests including Homunculus Quest.

Other Missing things without release dates.

  • Trans Classes should expected to be roughly 12 months from server launch if we have thRO’s timeline. Trans is currently unavailable for all servers except thRO where it was released of Sept 21st 2017.