iRO Ragnarok Online officially opened a new server known as Odin on July 7th 2017. This server, also known as “RE:Start” is a hybrid server using both renewal and classic RO mechanics.

  • Official RE:Start Home Page
  • Game Download
  • Side By Side Error Fixes – If you are having an error when trying to run the game that refers to itself as a “Side by Side” runtime error, you are missing the files on your computer to properly run the game. The three files on the iROWiki mirror will fix this problem most of the time.

Game Mechanics

  • Only 2-1 Classes and a select few 2-2s are currently available.
  • Unique to RE:Start
    • The EXP required for leveling becomes a much steeper curve after level 70.
    • First class job exp uses the Renewal EXP table making getting to second job quick then quickly changes to a much harder curve needing roughly the early level 90s to obtain job 50.
    • Because of the mix of Renewal and Classic we created a Database for RE:Start.
  • Classic
  • Renewal
    • Element damage tables
    • ATK/mATK
    • Hit/Flee with a sight change. To get the proper hit/flee [(renewal monster level) – (classic monster level) = X] and then [(Renewal Flee or hit) – (X) = (Restart hit/flee)]
    • Defense
    • Healing equation
    • Cast Times (Modified to remove FIXED cast)
    • Gear/Weapon Refines (pass +10 upgrade)
    • Monster Drop (e.g Strawberry)


Mechanics Difference of Classic and Renewal: What to expect if you’ve never played either Renewal or Classic.

  1. You won’t be limited to hunting monsters that are your own level like you would be in Renewal. No matter what level you are, you will get the same EXP from killing a Poring, Spore, or any other monster.
    • This also means if you are able to kill difficult, high exp monsters when you are the lower level you have the potential to level faster than you would in renewal. However, the EXP table hits a sharp curve at the higher levels and continues getting worse… going up exponentially at 95+
  2. Leveling becomes more “Static” than Renewal since once you become effective at killing in the highest yield exp area, you aren’t forced to move around.
    • If at level 70 you can kill whatever is the best exp/hour map of your class, you can expect to be stuck there until 99.
  3. Classic players will find themselves wanting to upgrade their weapons to higher ATK and mATK weapons rather than looking for the weapon with the most slots. Cards damage calculation for renewal is a huge change.
    • You can check out the info on the iROWiki renewal wiki if you want to see the calculations. Essentially, the ATK/mATK is the primary contributor to damage and cards only effect that now, not overall damage.
  4. ATK/mATK based gear becomes more important than int/dex/str in most cases.
    • Example: Slotted Bow Thimbles would be more desirable than Slotted Gloves for archer types since they no longer need to hit “Dex bonuses” found in classic calculation.
  5. Defense on an item is not as strong as it is in classic. While equipping npc gears for basic defense early on is helpful, the model of +20 gear was made for renewal to expand the difficulty of getting very high hard defense. Campitor on WarpPortal confirmed that getting above +10 will be possible in the future but is not currently in.
  6. Shadow element armor from Bathory Card is not as useful as it once was for classic players, it no longer blocks status effects such as curse.
  7. Healing will feel greatly nerfed to classic players. Not only does healing require mATK weapons to improve effectiveness, but it doesn’t gain as much boost from INT as Classic. On the bright side, you won’t have to wait for certain level+int milestones to obtain larger heals. Each int adds more effectiveness.
  8. Using renewal’s hit/flee mechanic has kinda been awkward. I’m seeing a lot more “miss” on attacks vs things I should be able to easily hit on a classic server. However, I’m also not being HIT as much as I would be with classic mechanics. Flee has a better calculation for renewal, but the hit requirements of Renewal just doesn’t fit some monsters quite right.
  9. Magic users (people with cast times in general) will be a lot weaker than they were in classic. While mages get the boost of bolts being cast much faster, reaching instant cast will be impossible, even at 150 dex. The fixed cast time found in traditional Renewal has been removed for the time being, making it possible to get faster casting than you would see on Renewal with the same amount of dex, but it is still not wise to max dex on a caster assuming you’ll eventually be able to cast instantly. Cast speed also is effected by int+dex in this equation at a ratio of 2int is the same reduction as 1 dex. This means 120int would be like having 60 dex.