IRO RESTART Maintenance

September 6th 11:00AM – 3:00PM PDT


  • Talk Like A Pirate Day Event starts
  • New costume box on sale in the Cash Shop – Costume Box VI: Fall In for only 100KP!
  • Fixing Geffen Castle treasure NPC’s and proactively restoring the treasures for current users
  • Adding MVP cards and mini boss cards to drop table, except for GTB card
  • Summer Fishing Festival has ended but Westley is still in Alberta to exchange Blue Whales for prizes!
    • The reward Costume Angeling Cap has been replaced with Costume Flapping Angeling
    • Players will be able to exchange their Costume Angeling Cap for the animated headgear, Costume Flapping Angeling. Speak to Westley in Alberta!

Path to 2-2 Classes

  • Before we can start releasing 2-2 Classes we need to get WoE going. Currently the process is as follows:
    • WoE Launch
    • Launch Sage
    • Launch Monk
    • Currently it is looking like we will be launching Sage and Monk together in Mid to Late September to get the update schedule back on track.
  • Costume Box II: Gothic Egg
  • Costume Box III: Helmets Galore
  • Costume Box IV: Jellopy Pink
  • Costume Box V: Cute Pets
  • Race to Second Job Event continues until September 6th.
    • Any character that reaches second job during this event will get a unique reward.
    • Reward distribution continues! Speak to the Silvervine NPC in Prontera to claim your reward of a Costume King Poring Hat.

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