IRO RESTART Maintenance

September 13, 11:00AM – 3:00PM PDT


  • The Miracle Elixir buff will be added to the Silvervine NPC
    • +10 to all stats for 1 hour
    • The cost is 25 Silvervine per Miracle Elixir buff
    • VIP users will be able to obtain the buffs for¬†free¬†once every 8 hours
  • Talk Like a Pirate Treasure Hunt begins
    • Pirates have buried treasure across Rune Midgard! As part of this event, a new set of event achievements are being made. Follow the clues in the achievements to find the buried treasure. Each location found brings it’s own rewards. Find them all and receive a special costume and title. These achievements can only be completed during the yearly TLAPD event!
  • Payon 5 castle will gain access to its Guild Dungeon
  • Fixing Urgent Recall issues
  • Mad Bunny Shield Event continues – Fixing a bug in the 400 Silvervine option that removed the shield, buckler, or guard but didn’t give the Mad Bunny. This happens when the Silvervine is not stacked.

Path to 2-2 Classes

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