October 4, 10:30AM – 11:15AM PDT


  • NOTE: 10/4 Maintenance will start at 10:30AM and end around 11:15AM PDT. 
  • Happy start of October! Costume Box 8 will be available in the Cash Shop for 100KP and the Silvervine Exchanger for 120 silvervine
  • New spooky hats will be available from the Silvervine Services NPC!
    • Whisper Mask
    • Grim Reaper
    • Angel’s Blessing
  • Adjusting EXP and spawn rates for following monsters:
    • Sting
    • Mi Gao
    • Majorous


  • Talk Like a Pirate Event and Treasure Hunt are ongoing!
    • Treasure Hunt: Pirates have buried treasure across Rune Midgard! As part of this event, a new set of event achievements are being made. Follow the clues in the achievements to find the buried treasure. Each location found brings it’s own rewards. Find them all and receive a special costume and title. These achievements can only be completed during the yearly TLAPD event!
  • Costume Box V: Cute Pets
  • Costume Box VI: Fall In
  • Costume Box VII: Fairy Dreams

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