October 11th, 11:00AM – 3:00PM PDT


  • Einbroch/Einbech update will be released!
  • Continuing to adjust EXP and spawn rates for following monsters:
    • Sting
    • Mi Gao
    • Majorous
  • Silvervine Exchanger will be selling new gears!
  • Talk Like a Pirate Event and Treasure Hunt is ending





  • Costume Headgear Design Contest is ON! Design a headgear and you can see your work in-game and win prizes, too!
  • Rally on RE:START Livestream with CM Astra and CM Jelloshaker returns on Thursday, October 12, at 3PM PDT!
  • Don’t forget to tune into SpookPortal this Friday the 13th at 5PM PDT! This week, CM Dragonlark will be playing Alan Wake!

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