January 3rd, 11:00AM – 3:00PM PST


  • Costume Box 14: Stay Frosty will be available in the Cash Shop for 200KP and from the Silvervine NPC for 240 Silvervine
  • Event WoE ends and castles will return to their previous owners before December 16th


  • Christmas Exchanger and Santa are in Prontera for one more week and leaves on 1/10
    • Christmas Exchanger is located at prontera (154, 292) and Santa is in front of the Prontera fountain
  • Snow Flowers Festival continues in Aldebaran until 1/17!
    • Find the dark secret behind the special snow flowers of Aldebaran. Visit the Festival Manager at 174 164 to get started.
    • Quest guide: Snow Flowers Festival (2017)
  • Amistr Bag Event and Sale returns for 2 weeks for the holidays until 1/10
  • Our 2017 Christmas Quest, Nyah! Humbug! (written by KriticalAssassin) continues until 1/10
    • Christmas is coming to town, but Santa wants to retire! Oh no, who will deliver Christmas presents now?!
      It’s up to you, adventurer, to help Santa’s strange replacement make sure that Christmas runs smoothly this year!
    • To begin this quest, speak to the Retired Santa at prontera (155, 284) You will need to be at least level 50 to start.
  • Rideword Hat Event continues!

Cash Shop


  • Rally on RE:START livestream with CM Astra and JelloShaker Thursdays at 3:00PM PST!

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