January 24th, 11:00AM – 3:00PM PST


  • 25% exp/drops event ends
  • Group Dungeon Warper will be updated with Pyramids and a Zeny cost to teleport. The cost is 25,000 Zeny if you’re not VIP. VIP teleport for free. EDIT  1/24 2:06PM
  • Bounty Boards will be updated with new Pyramid hunts
  • A new costume box will be available in the Cash Shop for 200KP! (and next week from the Silvervine NPC for 240 Silvervine.)
    • Costume Glast Heim Spectator
    • Costume Katarina von Blood 60
    • Costume Clock Winding Key
    • Costume Crow on Shoulder
    • Costume Diabolic Lapel
    • Costume Punkish Cat Ears
    • Costume Volume Low Twin
    • Costume Fake Ears
    • Costume Gothic Pumpkin Handicraft
  • Raffler will be coming back. You can find her at Prontera 112, 239. EDIT 1/24 11:38AM


  • Hunting Boards are in the following locations! Hunting Boards only give an additional 50% exp when turned in, however they will reward a small amount of Silvervine that counts towards the per character monthly cap.
    • Glast Heim (5 vine per turn in)
      • Board Location: glast_01 (367, 308)
    • Biolabs (7 vine per turn in)
      • Board Location: Lighthalzen city (194, 161)
    • Pyramids (1 vine per turn in) *New!*
      • ​Board Location: Outside Pyramids (63 , 164)
    • ​When turning in 5 or more hunt quests at once users will obtain 1 Valkyrie Box. This can only be obtained once every 72 hours.
  • New Headgear Quests!
    • Fish in Mouth (Normal quest option / Paid option)
      • fnnQvGV.png
    • Dress Hat (Quest which requires MVP Brownie Points / Paid option)
      • EDv5eM9.png

Cash Shop


  • Rally on RE:START livestream with CM Astra and JelloShaker Thursdays at 3:00PM PST! They’re still giving away 7-Day VIP codes, so be sure to have your Power-Up page open when you tune in so you can snag a code and guess the right number! For more on how to redeem game codes, click here: How to Redeem Ragnarok Game Coupons

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