January 10th, 11:00AM – 5:00PM PST

We will also be doing Windows Security Updates which will extend this week’s maintenance duration. Thank you for your understanding!


  • Amistr Bag event and sales end
  • Rideword Quest and sales end
  • Our 2017 Christmas Quest and Christmas Exchanger ends
  • Quest Updates   :chomok02:
    • The following skill quests become available:
      • Charge Attack
      • Sight Blaster
      • Phantasmic Arrow
      • Greed
      • Dubious Salesmanship
      • Sonic Acceleration
      • Venom Knife
      • Redemptio
      • Shrink
      • Create Elemental Converter
      • Elemental Change
      • Pang Voice Quest
      • Bioethics
      • Close Confine
      • Spiritual Bestowment
      • Excruciating Palm
      • Charming Wink
  • Super Novice Job Change Quest becomes available
  • Juperos Dungeon becomes available
  • Eden Group Map becomes active with Silvervine NPCs moved to the map. They will no longer be in Prontera. Teleporters will be available in most towns to the Eden Group.
    • Re:Start specific NPC’s (Silvervine, Amistr bagger etc.)  + Code the Redeemer are the only NPCs that will be available on this map right now
  • Bio Labs 3 Monsters
    • Last week we fixed the monster level disparity. We will examine the exp rewards this week
  • New Headgear Quests! 
    • Fish in Mouth (Free quest option / Paid option)
      • fnnQvGV.png
    • Dress Hat (Free quest option which requires MVP Brownie Points / Paid option)
      • EDv5eM9.png
  • Hunting Boards being introduced for the following locations. Hunting Boards only give an additional 50% exp when turned in, however they will reward a small amount of Silvervine that counts towards the per character monthly cap.
    • Glastheim (5 vine per turn in)
    • Biolabs (7 vine per turn in)



  • Snow Flowers Festival continues in Aldebaran until 1/17!
    • Find the dark secret behind the special snow flowers of Aldebaran. Visit the Festival Manager at 174 164 to get started.
    • Quest guide: Snow Flowers Festival (2017)

Cash Shop


  • Rally on RE:START livestream with CM Astra and JelloShaker Thursdays at 3:00PM PST!

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