December 13th, 11:00AM – 4:00PM PST


  • Lighthalzen and Kiel Hyre are arriving on RE:START!
  • Dye Maker Java Dullihan will be added in Morroc
  • Amistr Bagger NPC is returning
  • PVP rooms will also be added! Will use WoE physics.
  • Our 2017 Christmas Quest, Nyah! Humbug! (written by KriticalAssassin), will begin.
    • M66AioI.gif
    • Christmas is coming to town, but Santa wants to retire! Oh no, who will deliver Christmas presents now?!
      It’s up to you, adventurer, to help Santa’s strange replacement make sure that Christmas runs smoothly this year!
    • To begin this quest, speak to the Retired Santa at prontera (155, 284)


  • Raffler Event continues until 12/19
    • Buy a ticket from her. If your number matches her number you win the prize!
    • If your number does not match you get a consolation prize.
    • When a user wins the big prize she selects a new big prize from her list and the process begins again.
    • Here is a list of the big prizes you can win:
      • Old Card Album – 31,000z
      • Bloody Branch – 13,000z
      • Silvervine 100 Box – 4,000z
      • Old Purple Box – 33,000z
      • Bubble gum – 10,000z
      • Battle Manual – 8,000z
      • Clip [1] – 3,000z
      • Amistr bag – 3,000z
      • Enriched Elunium – 45,000z
      • Enriched Oridecon – 45,000z
  • Rideword Hat Event continues!
    • XvZYo5v.png
    • No trade restriction on the Rideword Hat
  • Cash Shop:


    • Rally on RE:START livestream with CM Astra and JelloShaker Thursdays at 3:00PM PST!
    • Our ExtraLife donation drive is still going! For information on how to donate and donation rewards, check out our ExtraLife blog.

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