Warpportal is currently aware of lag issues effecting many users. If you are experiencing lag and wish to help them narrow down the problem areas, please do a tracert to warpportal.com and submit the results here on their forums.

In windows, click on the Windows’ Start icon on your task bar or press the Windows key on your keyboard. Type in “cmd” and it should show the “Command Prompt” result. Click that to open it.

Inside the text window, type tracert warpportal.com and hit enter, it should start pingingĀ its way through various hops with results of servers routing your data to Warpportal.com.

Finally, you should see a list similar to this. If any hops are high ping (high number before the ms) or not responding in an adequit time for the test (this will show up as an asterisk) then you may be experiencing lag and send a report to Warpportal to show them your problem.








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