Archers are one of the fastest leveling lowbie classes due to their elemental arrows and ability to snipe stationary monsters or deal large amounts of damage with Double Strafe allowing them to kill a mob before it gets to them. Element arrows can be purchased from the cash shop or other players until you have Arrow Crafting for yourself. Be sure to look at the materials and NPC location for RE:Start and not Renewal!

This guide leans towards a trapper hunter where you will be getting high int. It can still be used for non int hunters but you’ll just be a bit slower or can make use of the Silvervine System to get blue pots for cheap.

If you haven’t already made use of this guide to make an OC10 Novice, check it out. It will help you make a bit of extra money without making a merchant right away and help cover the cost of arrows and weapon upgrades.


As a Novice, pump all points into dex (it will be at about 30dex when you job change). This will let you hit things easily in the novice ground and give you a good start in your primary damage stat as an archer. Do the training ground in its entirety. Do the quests from the class npcs in the training field and this should get you to job 8 or 9. Finish up by killing spores (be sure to key your pots!)

Remember to keep kill willows and loot trunks. You will need them to change jobs. Nothing is worse than the walk of shame through payon to try to find willows in the south to do your job change.

Do the novice personality test to get the Archer Job to gain a slightly more powerful starter bow.

I’m assuming at this point you have no gear. If you have another character to supply you with a small start up I highly recommend getting a Willow Card headgear for the extra SP for DSing. Other +SP gears like Roda Frog Card in chest and Sohee Card in shoes are more expensive but will help as well.

Payon Field Spores (pay_fild06) or (pay_fild05)
Recommended Arrows: Arrow of Wind but normal work as well.

If you feel confident or have some gear from another character already, you can skip to the next part.

For the first few levels, you’re looking to get job points for double strafe. Go to Alberta then travel west then south to the spores and roda frogs map (pay_fild06) or one more west from there to (pay_fild05) but be careful of the random poison spores here. Kill spores for a while to get some base and job levels.

Add in about 15 int and work on double strafe to get you started. Once you get DS 5 or 6, you can move into the next area.

Prontera Culverts 1-2 [
Entrance Quest]
Recommended Arrows: Silver Arrow

At this point you should be able to one shot thief bugs with a single Double Strafe or kill things with a couple normal hits. Leveling should be quick enough that you don’t have to sit too much. Thief bugs hurt and assist so try not to get more than one on you at a time. Beware of the Agi Up’d bugs, they are very hard to hit even with a lot of dex. If level 1 tends to be very sparse for bugs, make your way to level 2 and kill spores and bugs as you go down the culvert paths. Around level 25 start getting ready to go to the next map.

Bring int up to 23(+1 job) and Dex up to 35 base. You should now have maxed DS and be working 3 points into Owl’s Eye to unlock into Vulture’s Eye.

Payon Wolves
Recommended Arrows:
Fire Arrow
Before going here, OC everything you’ve gotten so far, you should be saving for an NPC Gakkung[1]. If you don’t have enough yet don’t worry since you need level 33 to use it anyhow. Remember to try to find a merchant who can Discount it for you.

In wolves you might be lucky enough to find a party, but if not that’s okay. You should be able to take them down in 2 DS and level fast enough that you won’t spend much time sitting. If you prefer to attack normally rather than sitting to regen for DS, be careful about letting the wolves get in melee range of you, if more than one is on screen the others will assist and jump on you too.

If wolves are too hard for you at this point, you can try killing the boas on the map or on (moc_fild03)

Bring dex to 45 base then bring int to 29 base. Make sure Vulture’s eye is at a minimum of 4 or 5 before moving on to the next spot.

Greatest Generals
(pay_fild10) MVP map, watch out!
Recommended Arrows:
Crystal Arrow, Normal type will work okay
I recommend trying to save up for your Gakkung before coming here. It’s not 100% needed but will make killing much faster. If you can find someone selling crystal arrows or cash shop quivers for cheap, grab some.

Watch out for Horongs and stay as far back from Generals as possible. If you get within casting range a general can one shot you with its spell attacks. Horongs move very slowly so it is easy to run away from them.
Bigfoot is common on this map but if you see a cluster of them be alert that it could be Eddga. He will one shot you with his ranged fireball attack if he sees you.
This map should get you to job 50 easily, if not try the next option.

While here raise dex to 55 base and int to 40 base. Finish up Vulture and Owl’s Eye. Recommend Arrow Shower level 1 before getting Improve Concentration if you plan to go to Geographers. You’ll need to knockback to push clusters of Geos apart.
From here on out, you’ll want to work on maxing dex. Dex is your biggest damage contributor to trapping.

45+ Easy
Toy Factory 2 (xmas_dun02) MVP map, watch out!
Recomended Arrows: Iron Arrow

This place is very popular for this level range making it likely to get a party here with a large group. Watch out for Crusiers, they require a lot of flee to dodge and at this point if you’ve followed my build you will be lacking in flee. Buddy up with an aco or a large group with potions and you should be able to wreck this dungeon easily and slowly grind your way to job 50.

Be very mindful of the boss, Stormy Knight. He can freeze screen wide and some malicious players will try to kite him over players leveling on the map.

45+ Medium
(um_fild03) Careful of Aggressive Dragon Tails
Recommended Arrows: Stone Arrow

High dex is a requirement here, these require a lot of hit. Parasites require you to shoot at max range since they are also ranged. These are very good job exp but not very high base in comparison I was 54/50 from leveling here.

This map is much lower risk than Geos but you will still need to be careful of the Dragon Tails here. The ledges here are enabled for sniping, be careful as this means the parasites can also snipe on you.

45+ Hard
(yuno_fild03) Very dangerous agros here bring lots of flywings.
REQUIRED Arrows: Fire Arrow

This map has Demon Pungus and Harpy which will kill you quickly. Do no get greedy, if someone trains either of these monsters at you, fly wing immediately.

You absolutely will need fire arrows, a Gakkung, and Arrow Shower 1+ here to deal with the Geographer’s healing. If one spawns beside the one you are killing you will need to either knock it away with Arrow Shower or DS it down faster than it can heal. Geos are stationary with about a 4 cell attack range so you will not need to be at maximum range but don’t be hit by them as they can one shot low level first classers.

This map is still a viable choice even after you job change.


Once you reach job 50, you can follow the Job Change Guide to continue on to hunter.