Leveling via questing is not an option in the RE:Start server. Eden does not exist on this server and very few quests are available and those that are are often incomplete, missing NPCs or broken dialogue. Like the tradition classic 2003 style, grinding monster kills is the only leveling method.

Note: This server has an item in the cash shop called “Advanced WoE Supply Box” which makes leveling some classes brokenly fast. Each box contains 50 White Potions and 20 Blue Potions for a piddly 5 cents per box. Classes like Swordsmen/Knights level incredibly fast using bash as Swordie and Bowling Bash as Knights. The first 99s on this server were obtained through this brokenly fast leveling method.

Solo vs Group Play

Group play is encouraged with the current exp share system. The “tapping” system of classic has been removed and for each person in the party, the experience given by the monster is multiplied in Renewal style. Large parties are able to swarm a map at lower levels and the collective kill experience has potential to be greater than solo killing. Especially for new characters who have limited gear and supplies.

Characters Total EXP Per Person
2 120% 60%
3 140% 47%
4 160% 40%
5 180% 36%
6 200% 33%
7 220% 31%
8 240% 30%
9 260% 29%
10 280% 28%
11 300% 27%
12 320% 27%

Solo Or Group Leveling Areas?
If at any point the recommended monsters seem too hard, try a category lower than the recommendation or buddy up with someone and make a group to try somewhere together. With a group you might even be able to take on an area above your level for even better experience gains.

Quick Tips:

  • Always try to update your weapon to the highest ATK/mATK npc weapon you can when starting out, it will greatly improve your damage and kill speed!
  • Casters remember that this is Renewal style and you will need higher mATK staves as you level. A Rod[4] simply won’t do.
  • 4x and 2:2 carded weapons of classic era are not recommended. The damage calculations of renewal are based off your weapon attack not your total damage.
  • Refine your weapons, even casters! If you have the money to upgrade your weapons it can be a big help to your damage at low levels.


  • Stay in the Training Grounds until job 10. Make use of the quests given by the npcs as well as the books you can equip to gain useful skills to help you kill faster. I recommend doing the personality test┬áto get a starter weapon for your class.
  • The Swordsman, Mage, Thief, and Merchant npcs each have a quest for you after you do the kill a poring quest for the first NPC. These award free fly wings, novice pots, and butterfly wings as well as 7 pharcon to upgrade your first novice weapon!

First Class


  • Rockers on Prontera Field 07, one south then one west of Prontera.
  • Poporings on Payon Field 04, two south and one east of Prontera. Be careful of the mini bosses.
  • Thief Bugs in Prontera Culvert Level 1 and 2.
  • Zombies, Skeletons, Boas, Payon Cave Level 1.
  • Spores on Payon field 06, one west then one south of Alberta.
  • Mandragora on Prontera Field 02, one east then one north of Prontera, recommended ranged classes only.


  • Elder Willows on Payon Field 08, one east of Payon
  • Wolves and Horns on Mt Jolnir 09, 1 west 1 north of Prontera
  • Wolves and Boas on Payon Field 02, 2 south of Payon
  • Mukas on Morroc Field 18, 2 south of Morroc
  • PecoPeco and Snake on Morroc Field 13, 1 south 2 west of Payon


  • Orc Warriors and Ladies, Orc Village
  • Yoyos on Prontera Field 03, one east, one north, and one east again from Prontera.
  • Poison Spores Geffen Dungeon Level 1
  • Mukas and Hodes on Morroc Field 18, 2 south of Morroc
  • Byalan Island Level 2
  • Cookies on Toy Factory level 1
  • Munaks Bonguns in Payon Cave 3
  • Greatest Generals (Archer/Cold Bolt Mage) Payon Field 10 (Don’t get in range of their casting)
  • Leaf Cats on Ayothaya Dungeon’s Field Map (Requires the Ayothaya Dungeon Access Quest)


  • Byalan Island 3
  • Sohee in Payon Cave Level 4
  • Myst Case and Cruisers in Toy Factory 2
  • Skel Workers in Dead Mines 3, avoid Evil Druids
  • Leaf Cats on Ayothaya Dungeon’s Field Map (Requires the Ayothaya Dungeon Access Quest)
  • Geographers (Archer/Fire Bolt Mage)
  • Clocks (Fire Wall Mage)
  • Argiopes (Firewall Mage)
  • Parasites (Archer with high DEX and Stone Arrows. Very high job exp compared to their base, avoid dragontails)
  • Prisoners on Glast Heim Prison Level 1 (Fire Wall Mage, Double Strafe kite Archers, bring lots of fly wings)

Second Class (Or nearing job change)


  • Zenorcs in Orc Dungeon Level 2
  • Myst Cases and Cruisers in Toy Factory 2
  • Mummies in Pyramid Dungeon 3 (good area for archer sniping across the gaps, bring fwings)
  • Geographers (Archer/Fire Bolt Mage)
  • Argiopes (Firewall Mage/Wiz)
  • Clocks (Fire Wall Mage/Wiz/Ankle Snare Hunter)
  • Prisoners on Glast Heim Prison Level 1


  • Isis and Pyramid Level 4
  • Prisoners on Glast Heim Prison Level 1
  • Alarms (Fire Wall Wiz with AoE Spells)
  • High Orcs in West Orc Village Field
  • Bathories and Jakks in Geffen Dungeon 2
  • Marduk in Sphinx 3
  • Dark Frames in Glast Heim Towers (The 4 portals top of GH near Castle 2 entrance)


  • Marduk in Sphinx Level 3
  • Stalactic Golem in Comodo North Cave
  • High Orcs in West Orc Village
  • High Orcs in Clock Tower Level 2
  • Raydrics in Glast Heim Chivalry
  • Niffleheim Field 1


  • Anolians on Comodo Field
  • Anolians in Clock Tower Basement 4 (Requires Key of Underground)
  • High Orcs in Clock Tower Level 2
  • Sphinx Level 4 and 5 (Avoid Anubis unless you have a Bathory carded armor)
  • Magma Dungeon
  • Raydrics and Wandermen in Glast Heim Castle level 2 (be careful of wandermen snatching players away if in a group)
  • Geffen Dungeon Level 3
  • Niffleheim Fields 1 and 2