During the December 6th maintenance, a new system was added to RE:Start enabling the turn in useless MVP items to an NPC to earn “Brownie Points”. Unlike their renewal counterpart, these Brownie Points do not associate with Grandma Boxter.

On RE:Start, a cat NPC named Carmen (Prontera, 144/197) will take the following items and give you Brownie Points in exchange.

Currently there is only one hat available with plans for future items possibly using this system as well.
Rideword Hat can be crafted by bringing Carmen the following items:

  • 2 Brownie Points
  • 24 Ogre’s Teeth
  • 729 Silvervine (Currently it’s bugged and says 720 in one spot and takes 729, unsure which is intended)
  • Kill 200 Ridewords (be sure to pick up the quest)