Over Charging Loot:
For optimal zeny making, you will need a character with Over Charge 10 to sell your trash loots to NPCs for an addition 24% value! Currently on iRO Odin, there is a bug with the training grounds allowing you to leave the novice ground with the Merchant Manual item. This item can be equiped by any novice level 12 and under, giving them access to the level 10 OC skill.

In the long run, you may want to make a merchant to consolidate OC/DC/Vending onto one character! But this will get you up and OCing quickly without having to grind out a merchant.

Level 10 Overcharge Novice (Time: Around 5 to 10 minutes)

Zeny Per Mob Data: This page allows you get get an estimate of the value of drops per monster to look for high value monsters. Data may not be 100% accurate due to RE:Start’s reduced drop rates.

Popular High Value Loot Maps:

  • Wild Rose (gef_fild05)
  • Toy Factory 2 (xmas_dun02) Works best if you have Steal 10 on a thief class since loot is uncommon but high OC
  • Alarms (c_tower3) Best for Wizards who can AoE mob
  • Dark Frames (gl_in01) Brigan and Red Frame OC for a lot, the four rooms on the map are all attached but each have their own spawns for the most part. Be careful of the Wanderman here. High Flee requirement, with Silver Arrows on hunter or Aspersio Priest recommended.


Hunting Desirable Items:

Hunting for items that people want to buy while you level is another source of cash. Picking your leveling areas around commonly needed items is probably a better choice than mindlessly grinding an area since drop rates are not always favourable for some of these items. Popular items at this point in the game are things that can be over upgraded and certain types of cards.


  • Muffler [1] (Sohee)
  • Shoes [1] (Munaks)
  • Boots[1] (Argiope, Yao Jun)
  • Bucker[1] (Kobalds)
  • Guard[1] (Pupa, Thief Bug Egg)


  • Pupa
  • Fabre
  • PecoPeco
  • Vitata
  • Andre
  • Thara Frog
  • Dokebi
  • Swordfish
  • Phen
  • MarcMatyr
  • Verit
  • Bathory

And Many More… Check out the link at the top to Ragial┬áto see the going prices for ideas of items to hunt!