This guide is based on mechanics and items present on Ragnarok Re:Start and is focused heavily on WoE.
It will not feature leveling or any PvM aspect of the game.
The goal is to optimize the build towards having the maximum possible damage and survivability while granting status
immunities and cast speed. Wizard is a crucial component to a successfull precast setup.

Last updated: 2017-11-07


– Does not need to be exactly that, follow the guidelines:
– Do not put any points into AGI or STR
– LUK is only useful when you have high (80+) or very high (90+) INT
– Highly advised to get around 90 VIT (total) with VIP Buff Food
– Should have 100 total INT with food for Silence immunity. Adjust accordingly
– Put all remaining points in DEX for faster cast speed (70+ Base recommended)

[Simulator Link]

– This is a full WoE Build with all Major spells
– Usually there is one Wizard for Storm Gust + Lord of Vermillion and everyone else uses Meteor Storm
– Adjust the Build accordingly to what your Guild needs


– Don’t bother overupgrading armor unless you need a certain upgrade level for cards (Firelock Soldier) or a specific bonus
like Skull Cap
– Hide allows you to dodge spells
– Swap to Evil Bone Wand + Skull Cap when pariticipating in Precast, PooPoo for Offense

Tips & Tricks

– You can’t cast Safety Walls on cells with Pneuma
– Quagmire also affects your allies
– Don’t forget to recast Energy Coat
– You can’t be interrupted while being Sacrificed by a Crusader (only Provoke and Spell Break work)

WoE Stategies

General strategies:
– Organize wizards – Who casts what?
– 1 Wizard for SG & LoV
– everyone else Meteor Storm (Meteor Storm stacks much better)
– Volcano is your friend
– Deluge does not work
– Use defensive Gear when attacking
– Leave Storm Gusts when pushing in a castle to slow down competitors (don’t Quagmire your Guild!)
– Always use Storm Gust outside of Precast, there is no point in casting MS
– IF you end up being responsible to Safety Wall the Emp, only do so on 1 cell, don’t spam SW around it
– Stone Curse stragglers


Credits: Tickleshot