• STR: Increases weight limit. The only other way to do so is buying Gym Passes and use them at Ripped Callus. Every Gym Pass increases it by 200 and it can be increased up to level 10. (500 Kafra Points)
  • AGI: It doesn’t affect anything we need. Some people like to have it for the extra FLEE but I wouldn’t bother with increasing it.
  • VIT: MaxHP, healing items’ effectiveness and most importantly, status resistances! Having a high VIT might seem superfluous, but a dead Wizard deals 0 damage. If you want to be more of a glasscannon, put more on DEX instead of VIT.
  • INT: Our main stat, 1.5 MATK and 1% SP per INT, and so on. Max it first.
  • DEX: It decreases the cast time and gives 0.2 MATK per DEX. (See 5.2 Cast Time)
  • LUK: 0.33 MATK per LUK, slightly increases resistance against status alignments and gives 1 Perfect Dodge for every 10 LUK. It’s our cheap way of getting 10~13 MATK and some bonus survivability.

The Survival Wizard

  • STR 9
  • AGI 1
  • VIT 60~70
  • INT 91~99
  • DEX 50~70
  • LUK 30~40

This Wizard won’t get hit by every status alignment and it’ll surely not die by one hit. You won’t be able to tank MVPs as our equipment still lacks of DEF but you’ll have time to use potions.

The Glasscannon Wizard

  • STR 9
  • AGI 1
  • VIT 29
  • INT 91~99
  • DEX 89
  • LUK 20~30

This build is what its title says. You’ll have around +10% cast time reduction, but -1,000 HP, half as much HardDEF, -2 Perfect Dodge and -30% status resistances.

Pixelakaroxi‘s Wizard

  • STR 1~9
  • AGI 1
  • VIT 40~50
  • INT 80
  • DEX 70~75
  • LUK 1~20

A well-balanced build. Enough VIT to survive one-shot spells for the cost of a little SP, damage and casting time.


Any time you can take INT over DEX, take INT. If you can’t take INT, take DEX. If you can’t take either, take HP, MDEF, Resistance, DEF (in this order).

Upper Headgear

  • Ramen Hat: 4 DEX, 3 DEF. Obtainable from the Silvervine NPCs.
  • Tiara: 2 INT, 7 DEF.
  • Apple of Archer: 3 DEX, 1 DEF.

Middle Headgear

  • Purple Glasses: 5% Blind resistance, 2 DEF.

Lower Headgear

  • Gangster Mask: 15% Silence resistance.
  • Flu Mask: 10% Silence resistance.


  • Evil Bone Wand[0]: 4 INT, 110 MATK.
  • Arc Wand[2]: 3 INT, 95 MATK.
  • Staff[2]: 2 INT, 70 MATK. Starter weapon for the wealthier players (9,500z).
  • Rod[3]: 30 MATK. Starter weapon, buyable from any Weapon Merchants (50z).
Weapon Cards
  • Drops Card (+1 DEX)
  • Fabre Card (+1 VIT, +100 HP)


  • Memory Book[0]: 1 INT, 2 MDEF, 25 DEF. Slottable.
  • Guard[1]: 20 DEF.
Shield Cards
  • Andre Egg Card (+5% HP)
  • Medusa Card (Immunity to Stone Curse)
  • Horn Card (+35% Ranged Damage Reduction)


  • Silk Robe[1]: 20 DEF, 10 MDEF. I prefer 10 MDEF over 10 DEF since it’s more likely we’ll die by a spell than a melee attack.
  • Formal Suit[1]: 40 DEF.
  • Mink Coat[1]: 30 DEF.
  • Novice Adventurer Suit[1]: 45 DEF. Not upgradable.
Armour Cards
  • Elemental Cards
  • Pupa Card (+700 HP)
  • Peco Peco Card (+10% HP)
  • Marc Card (Immunity to Freeze)
  • Evil Druid Card (Undead Property, +1 INT, +1 DEF)


  • Ragamuffin Manteau[0]: 1 DEF, 10 MDEF. I’d wait until Survivor’s Manteau get released, don’t bother with getting slotted garments.
  • Muffler[1]: 8 DEF.


  • Shoes[1]: 10 DEF.
  • Crystal Pumps[0]: 5 LUK, 5 DEF, 10 MDEF.
Footwear Cards
  • Sohee Card (+15% SP, +3% SP Recovery)
  • Miyabi Doll Card (+10% SP)
  • Eggyra Card (+15% SP Recovery)


  • Earring[1]: 1 INT.
  • Glove[1]: 1 DEX.
  • Clip[1]: 10 SP. Your go-to accessory for Healing, Hiding and Teleport Clips.
  • Earring[0]: 2 INT.
  • Glove[0]: 2 DEX.
Accessory Cards
  • Creamy Card (Enables Level 1 Teleport)
  • Phen Card (Skill casting cannot be interrupted, +25% Casting Time)
  • Smokie Card (Enables Level 1 Hiding)
  • Vitata Card (Enables Level 1 Heal, +25% SP consumption)
  • Zerom Card (+3 DEX)


Don’t forget to refine whatever you can! DEF is extremely important with the renewal mechanics and you’ll die sooner than you’d expect. Since we follow the Renewal refinement system, weapons gain MATK with each upgrade level, so up those staves! You can get Enriched Elunium/Oridecon from the Silvervine NPCs.


Before you do anything, head over to this page and start making your Wizard skill tree. If this is your first Wizard, then there are only two core skills you have to get from the Mage job: Fire Wall level 10 and Sight level 1. Other than that, pick skills that’ll help you in your Wizard career.

In my opinion, there are two things you have to focus on as a Wizard:

  • a) AoE damage (you must max at least two: Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion and Meteor Storm; preferably all three)
  • b) Survivability (you must take at least one: Quagmire, Safety Wall or Ice Wall; preferably only one)

Other than that, put on whatever you think it’ll be useful. As a Mage, max Fire Bolt and Fire Wall or Soul Strike first for leveling, then pick your path! The following builds are just example builds, not builds you should strictly follow.

The Quagmire Wizard


My personal favourite: the party oriented wizard. It has all three AoEs maxed, it lacks of Safety Wall and Ice Wall, but it makes up for it with Quagmire. It has Cold Bolt and Jupitel Thunder on level 10, making it excellent against single targets too. 5 points in Increase SP Recovery helps maintaining its SP.

The Safety Wall Wizard


This build is NOT recommended for someone without money and/or patience as it heavily relies on the usage of Safety Wall (which costs blue gemstones). Instead of Fire Ball and Fire Wall it has a maxed Soul Strike, making leveling easier in the beginning. Water Ball is a very situational spell (though it’ll be very useful once we have ninjas) but if it can be used, it hurts a lot. If you don’t want to take Water Ball, either max out Cold Bolt or relocate 1 skill point from Increase SP Recovery to Stone Curse and get Ice Wall level 5.

The Ice Wall Wizard


My second favourite build as I prefer Quagmire (Ice Wall is pretty limited) but still very useful. As it has 2 extra points in the Wizard tree, there are various ways you can relocate your points. You can either take Increase SP Recovery level 7 or Jupitel Thunder level 7.

Pixelakaroxi‘s Wizard


It has 1 Mage and 18 Wizard points left. It doesn’t max out Meteor Storm and Lord of Vermillion because these spells are unlikely to one-hit monsters, instead it controls them with Storm Gust and uses Jupitel Thunder for damage. Heaven’s Drive is used against Wind mobs, while Water mobs can be controlled by Ice Wall (Quagmire in dungeons) and Jupitel Thunder. Because of JT has no delay, it’s pretty spammable unlike LoV. Quagmire can be used for extra slow (or where Ice Wall doesn’t work). Safety Wall is for… well, safety reasons.


This section needs leveling guides for 1) Wizards who did not take Fire Wall (and went for Soul Strike instead) and 2) party leveling.

Fire Wall Wizard


  • Training Grounds (do all 4 quests for free stuff + do the personality test for a free starter weapon; get 9 DEX; hit things until you get Fire Bolt level 2)


  • Mandragora (Prontera one east, one north; immobile monsters; put all points on INT; stay until your Fire Bolt hits 920+)


  • Wolves (Payon two south; keep Strawberries and Meat for recovery; Wolf Card is good for selling)
  • Flora (Prontera one east, two north; immobile monsters; care for Argiopes)


  • Orc Warriors and Ladies (warp from Prontera to Orc Village; practice Fire Wall here; keep Earring)
  • Greatest Generals (Payon two east or Payon two east one south; immobile monsters; go there if you maxed Cold Bolt; keep Authoritative Badge)


  • Argiope (Prontera two north; use vertical Fire Wall + Fire Bolt; keep Rough Elunium and Boots[1])
  • Geographers (Juno one south one east; bring fly wings to teleport away from Demon Pungus)


  • Clock (Clock Tower F2; use vertical Fire Wall; keep Lemon, Elunium and the Keys)
  • Zenorc (Orc Dungeon level 2; get a mobber; keep the Rough Oridecon)
  • PARTY: Toy Factory (Aldebaran -> Lutie -> Toy Factory; join a party, care for Cruisers)


  • Alarm (Clock Tower F3; use vertical Fire Wall and AoE; keep Oridecon, Clip[1] and Key of Clock Tower)
  • Glast Heim Prison (Watch out for Hunter Flies; keep Rough Oridecon, Oridecon, Elunium, Damascus[2], Steel, Iron Cain)
  • PARTY: High Orc (Clock Tower basement; keep Rough Oridecon and Steel)


  • Stalactic Golem (Comodo one north; keep Elunium, Rough Elunium and Great Nature)
  • Sting (Glast Heim Culvert F3; keep Glove[1], Great Nature)
  • PARTY: Niflheim Field 1 (Comodo -> Umbala -> Yggdrassil Tree; keep Ragamuffin Manteau and Rough Oridecon)


  • Magma Dungeon (Juno one south one east; use Storm Gust; keep Mastela Fruit, Rough Oridecon, Rough Elunium, Alcohol, Full Plate[0], Full Plate[1], Magma Fist[3], White Herb)
  • Anolian (Comodo two east one north; if you have a mobber, use LoV, if not, JT; keep Oridecon, Royal Jelly, Brooch[1])


Vertical Fire Wall

It’s EXTREMELY important to learn its usage (unless you go with the Safety Wall build). Check YouTube for guides.

Cast Time

Re:Start has a modified cast time. We use the Renewal cast time formula with the fixed cast time removed.

The cast time formula without modifiers (x is the spell’s base casting time):

x * (1 – SQRT[(DEX * 2 + INT) / 530])

Cast time for a Level 10 Storm Gust with 99 INT and without job bonuses:

30 DEX = 54.9%
40 DEX = 58.2%
50 DEX = 61.4%
60 DEX = 64.4%
70 DEX = 67.2%
99 DEX = 74.9%

It’s an almost linear curve, but above 60 DEX the difference for every 10 DEX becomes lower than 3%. For this reason I’d go for 50~60 base DEX as we get +6 DEX on max level and we can get 4 DEX from equipment (i.e. Ramen Hat). It’s all about preference, though, with the removed fixed casting time, DEX is still great.

If you’re more of a team oriented player spamming SG, LoV and MS, I’d get 60 DEX and focus on raw damage. If you prefer to solo, get 70+.


Written by Milkshake.

Thanks for the following players for expanding this guide: mentalmidget, DexRain, Krispin, 1199150630192304937, nmccaa, Pixelakaroxi.

Should you have any questions or feedback, please refer to this forum topic or send me a PM!