Turn Undead Priest is a bit more gear expensive to start off with because of the gear needed to TU Anubis, the monster most TU priest will be hunting.  Anubis use Jupitel Thunder (which can be negated with a Dokebi carded armor) and Dark Soulstrike which can be negated by a Bathory carded armor and halved by a Argiope carded armor. Keep in mind, even being halved these attacks will still hurt a lot. Thara frog buckler and any additional anti demi-human (poopoo hat) or neutral reductions (Raydric Muffler) are highly recommended in case of sonic blow attacks.

Skill Builds

I recommend the two free floating Aco points into Divine Protection simply because it’s Undead Defense and you’ll be spending a lot of your early leveling in undead mobs.

Option 1

This build gives you maxed Res, Mag, and Gloria. Instant res is useful, but not required with the improved cast times. Gloria and Mag being maxed means less time spend keeping buffs up.
Option 2

This build lowers Res, Mag, and Gloria to max out Kyrie Elision. This build will give you a little more survivability when running around looking for Anubis and while stuck in after cast delay of TU.

Stats at 99

  • 90~99 Base (+5 job) Int
  • 95 Base (+5 job) Vit
  • 23 Base (+4 job) Dex
  • 33 Base (+7 Job) Luk (if you go 90 int)

Optional Changes

Luk isn’t a requirement, you can chose to go 99 int and skip the luck or change up and skip dex to get 99int and 23 luk instead. Luk helps TU success/mAtk/perfect dodge so a little bit. Dex is to improve cast time but in REStart int already helps lower cast times dramatically so you may find the dex isn’t needed.


Acolyte leveling should follow the same path as a Full Support Priest.

Once you become a priest, getting TU will be an early priority since job levels are so slow. You’ll be spending 19 points alone on TU. I recommend starting with at least Magnificat 3 for your first points then working through the TU tree allowing you to have TU10 at job 22. You may not be able to kill Anubis at this point but you have options like Prisoners in GH Prison 1 and Evil Druids in GH St Abbey, just be careful of the Evil Druid’s Heaven’s Drive attack, it can one shot a low level priest easily.
After TU work your way to Gloria and then finish out support skills as you see fit based on possible party groups.

Unfortunately in parties, you’ll eventually have basic skills to support, but it takes a while to get them. You will often feel an Acolyte with Magnificat until you get much higher job level and are able to get support skills.