While most priests tend to be support oriented, there is a powerful option available to those who want to use their Priest for killing mobs of monsters. You trade off getting some supportive skills in exchange for getting Magnus Exorcismus, a holy AoE skill that deals damage to both Demon race and Undead element monsters. For this reason, you are limited to very specific maps while leveling, but you are able to level/hunt in those maps very efficiently. This kind of Priest is very capable of soloing, though the worse your gear is, the more pots you will have to consume.



ME Priest stat builds is basically a big balancing act of INT/DEX/VIT. Depending on which place you want to level at and what sort of content you want to do, you can modify these stats accordingly.



The Acolyte portion will be very similar to any other Priest, since you probably want to grab similar skills anyway. Leveling will also proceed in a similar fashion.


Acolyte Skills

You want to grab the following skills as an Acolyte. The following is the bare minimum recommended and going Job level 50 is also recommended.


The above skills requires a Job Level of 47. The remaining 3 points can be put into Cure, Decrease AGI or more levels into Divine Protection.



The Priest progression is divided into two parts, before job level 37 (which is the minimum job level requires to get ME 10) and after you get ME.

Before Job Level 37

If you choose to use a Neuralizer at job level 37, you can solo level with Turn Undead in a number of places such as the following.

Sphinx 4 (Anubis)

Glast Heim St. Abbey (Evil Druid)

Glast Heim Prison (Zombie and Skeleton Prisoners)

Glast Heim Churchyard (Wraith)


If you choose to simply party, you can do that. You will miss out on a few supportive skills since you will need to basically use all your points to grab the pre-requisites for Magnus Exorcismus.


After Job Level 37

Whether you chose to party or solo, once you hit job level 37, you will have Magnus Exorcismus 10. You also need an accessory carded with either a Phen or a Bloody Butterfly card. It is not possible to solo without it.

You can solo level in the following places with ME. Note that you will need to carry potions, but as your gear gets better and better, you will find you use lesser and lesser potions.

Glast Heim Prison

Glast Heim Churchyard

Glast Heim St. Abbey

Geffen Dungeon 3

Niffleheim 1

Niffleheim 2

Ayothaya Dungeon


Skill Build

The following is the recommended outline.


Then you need to pick between Kyrie Eleison, Safety Wall or Sanctuary. This choice is usually determined by which map you want to level in and what you want to do with your Priest. After this you can choose to get Magnificat, max Resurrection or something else entirely, based on how many points are leftover.