Priest Full Support in Odin Restart Server. (Dedicated to PvM/MvP but can be used in WoE also)

Stats and Skills Guide by Penelope La Mew

First of it all, I played Ragnarok Online long time ago, before Renewal, so this guide is more about what I experienced with these new mechanics than something that someone has to follow by every word written here.
If there is something I’ve learnt very well about this game is that nobody has the perfect rule/guide for everything, and your performance will depend on your style of “gaming” more than mechanics and math details.

I will try to be as simple and short as I can, but there are so many possibilities with this class, that I’m afraid, I will skip a lot of details.

90 Int
80 Vit

* For some people would be good a little bit of dex and the rest on luk, or everything else on luk and no dex at all.
* Every extra point over 90 it’s highly cost, so I would rather use it on luk instead of going for 99 Int.* Renewal mechanics gives around 50% cast reduction with 80~int so for me, dex is not necessary at all. I tried with 40 dex and the reality is, that you still need time for casting kyrie while being attacked, so going for more dex just to be faster in the only skill that needs it, would require too much sacrifice of points that I need more in other stats. I don’t use phen that much, only when I’m laggy, still, I can do it very well casting Kyrie without phen.
* Special attention to Vit, I use 80 Vit because my main goal is PvM, I can do WoE very well but for some people, seeking stun immunity is very important. If that is your case, I encourage you to research the ways to get the immunity. In my case, since the stun was fixed long ago, with 80 Vit it’s not an issue at all, maybe under precasts I’d struggle a little, but it will last so short time that won’t be a problem. But certainly in hardcore situations would be helpful, you probably will want to research more in these matters.
* For new people like me, luk was a new thing. Luk stats protects you from status effects and increases mATK for healing.

I will only explain what are the best skills for PvM situation, specially with big parties. I will not draw the skill tree. This can be simulated on any skill tree simulator, together with the description.

Skill List:
Must Have
Blessing – 10
Increase Agility – 10
Heal – 10
Decrease Agility -1
Ruwach -1
Teleportation -2
Warp Portal -4
Lex Aeterna -1
Kyrie Eleison -10

Variable options
One of the good/bad thing of being priest is that you have plenty of options to develop your char, but you can’t have all of them, so this is what I ┬árecommend:

Safety Wall
Lex Divina
Impositio Manus

Skill performance

If you notice, only in the Must Have column you will see the level of the skill necessary. In the optional column you can choose the level of the skill according to your style of game. I will explain as you are in a big party. This situation happened to me for long time in Restart Server, since no much people want to be Priest as main character. Everybody wants to be the killer and if someone is making a Priest, usually is a slave healer or autofollow support. But when you are loving your job, you will spend 95% of your game time on your priest and probably won’t log any other character, just like me. It is possible to grind gear and level as support and you don’t need any other character for grinding purposes. You just need to focus on one thing only, your priest, and things will go smoothly.

So, you probably will be the only one priest in a big party, and it’s going to be a challenge. I don’t spend in WoE potions at all, I don’t have that much time and dedication for Ragnarok Online, so this could be even more challenging. Your priority would be:

Bless/Agi/Kyrie Magnificant and Gloria. Gloria will help to add ATK/MATK and it’s a range skill, so I consider it very important. Always keep the party with besides the basics buff mentioned. I use Gloria lvl 3 as minimum. Lower level of Gloria will drain your SP and not as effective. Same would apply in WoE, where the protection from status is a big bonus. Also I couldn’t max Magnificant, but level 3 for me is fine.

If you can afford, you can spend in blue pots, is not that much necessary, but keep some as emergency kit. In the kit keep with you some fly wing, you want to be the first running from danger, so you can res the party. Very few fly wing will do it, it’s just that sometimes you can’t use teleport because skill delay.

Lex Aeterna is always a must, you won’t use it that much in party because the big after delay won’t let you, but in WoE is useful, and in MvP it’s a must. Soon bard will be released and you can enjoy a little more about this skill.

Safety Wall will help you in MvP mostly, sometimes in party when you want to extra protect your Wizard, but probably the Wizard will have better level of SW than you, so is not that much needed. Priest usually can’t get that high level of safety wall, unless you decide for that and leave other skills behind. but for MvP level 7 or 6 will do it. Also can be used in WoE situations.

Suffragium is another skill that you might have to leave behind, most of the time I’m so busy in the party that I can’t do Suff properly, so I decided just use it lvl 2. +Now with bard coming would be even easier in this section.

Aspersio this skill is very helpful when I party in Glast Heim, I decided use it level 4 since I spend most of my game time in this Dungeon. You can use it WoE too to enchant weapon of empe-breakers. They can easily get rid of it by switching weapon, but sometimes in the heat of the battle, and with luck, they won’t notice. Worth a try and the delay is almost nothing so you can spam it a lot.

Lex Divina very useful when the party is small and sometimes some mob is very annoying with the skills, like Anubis. It has a big delay. You can use it in WoE, but it’s a status that is very easy to get rid of, just one green pot. Surprisingly enough, many Knights (and other chars too) don’t use green pots so… enjoy it.

Impositio Manus, another skill you might have to decide if you can afford it as max lvl. I use it lvl 2 at the moment, and not too often since the delay is big and the party is too big to keep them all with Impo. I use Gloria in this case to patch a bit this section.

Special Mention: Sanctuary as many people is aware, renewal mechanics has damaged our beloved Class immensely, one of the biggest issues for us Priest is getting party, because of the heal amount is too low, so for people is way easier just to make a Knight, buy some WoE pots and solo any map.
But perseverance was my flag, and I got a very tight group of friends to party with, usually too many for one Priest.
Heal now is so poor.. (even when usually everybody carry their own white pots) so healing them through big mobs was almost impossible. Since a big party usually only stays in spot and wait for puller to kill the mobs, Sanctuary became a great ally. You would heal the mob, but with 2 Wizzard killing, the mob will die fast enough even with Sanctuary on them. So I’d recommend this skill at least lvl 7. More than that is up to you, as I saw in field, sometimes longer time of sanctuary would heal too much the mob, so I liked level 7, perfect for my game.

Thanks for reading I hope it helps. Any input will be welcomed.
(Please forgive all my grammar mistakes, I’m still learning english).
Penelope La Mew