This guide is based on mechanics and items present on Ragnarok Re:Start and is focused heavily on MVPing.
It will not feature leveling or any PvP aspect of the game.
The goal is to optimize the build towards having the maximum possible damage output while providing some survivability.

Last updated: 2017-11-07


– If you have a medium
– low budget build (see 4 – Gear) feel free to remove some DEX in favor of more STR to increase ATK
– Do not put any points into AGI
– There are no stat bonuses for every 10 STR
– You can swap out the LUK in favor of more VIT if you want


– There is very little variation in Skill Builds
– Beware that you get Snap/Body Relocation at jlvl 50 as Monk!
– You can skip Pneuma, decrease Agi and Warp Portal lvl 4 if you really want lvl 10 agi (not recommended)


Alternative Budget Options

Tips & Tricks

Asura Strike:
– Make it a habit to use a Blue Pot during Asura Strike cast to be 100% topped off on SP
– Always use magnum break (Marine Sphere) to increase your Asura damage
– Practice animation cancelling of Magnum Break (done by spam clicking on the ground during the animation)
– Use Phen Accessory for Asura but not for SSS

Spirit Sphere Summoning / Snap:
– Always have an Awakening Potion up (ASPD reduces after cast animation delay)
– Swap to your Waghnak before summoning / snapping (has + dex and higher ASPD due to weapon type)

General MVP Strategies

– When Solo MVPing try to approach the MVP so you see him on the edge of you screen and target your fist
– Make sure to carry appropriate elemental armors for every MVP
– It is advised to Fly Wing after getting your Asura Strike off unless you can Tank or switch Aggro
– Having a Mount and using Anodyne has a similar effect
– Most MVPs can be lured to Portals and then Asura Striked out of Portal immunity. Use this to your advantage!

– Be ready to spend Res tokens on most MVPs
– You don’t get the MVP when you are dead
– Swap to max damage gear (sohee, roda frog) if contested
– Feel free to use a more defensive (Firelock, Ele armor) setup when uncontested
– Getting the MVP doesn’t automatically mean you also have loot priority!
– Use Greed Scrolls