Agi/Dex hunter builds are designed more for point and click leveling while Double Strafing as their SP allows it. Early on you will be making heavy use of Ankle Snare to trap things you’re unable to flee for easy leveling. There are a few variations to Agi/Dex where some prefer to go with Luk for added Auto Blitz Beat (Auto falcon attacks while attacking) and crit, and other prefer to go Int to allow for more Double Strafes and being able to use traps some because of their high Dex providing most of the damage.

Agi/Dex/Int Skills

90~ Base Agi
90~ Base Dex
50~ Base Int

This build allows for getting two of the damage traps for high damage in certain situations as well as the sleep trap for crowd control.
Agi/Dex/Int hunters rely more on their Dex for higher damage than their Luk Based counter parts for leveling. These hunters are usually the MVP build that will be spamming potions and Double Strafe on MVPs at high attack speed. Higher Int also allows for heavier use of Arrow Shower when leveling with a Priest who is mobbing for you.

Agi/Dex/Luk Skills

90~ Base Agi
90~ Base Dex
50~ Base Luk

This build is designed much more for point and click play offering high single target dps.
Agi/Dex/Luk hunters will be wanting to get their Agi and Luk up before their dex. Higher attack speeds and higher Luk will increase the activity of your Auto Falcon attacks. For every 10 job levels (11, 21, 31, and 41) your bird will gain one extra strike, ending at a 5x attack for every auto falcon attack (the full power of your Blitz Beat) when you reach job 41.

Gear Recommendations:

Head: Snake Hat [1] with Willow Card (+80sp), Nightmare Card (+1Agi immune to sleep), or Apple of Archer (+3 Dex)/Ramen Hat (+4 Dex)
Armor: Tights [1], Coat [1], Formal Suit [1]. Element cards such as Bathory (Dark), Dokebi (Wind), Swordfish (Water), and Pasana (Fire) are needed in several places with high monster elemental damage. For all else a Pupa Card (+700hp) would be enough.
Weapon: Hunter’s Bow, Arbalest [2]/Gakkung[2] [Archer Skeleton Cards (+10% Ranged Damage) or Soldier Skeleton Cards for Luk Hunters(+9 crit)]
Garment: Muffler [1] with Dragon Tail Card (10 Flee and +5% Double Strafe Damage), Raydric Card (20% reduced neutral damage) Whisper Card (+20 Flee), Bapho Jr. Card (+3 Agi, +1 Crit)
Shoes: Shoes [1] or Boots [1] with Sohee Card (+15% SP and +3% SP regen) or Matyr Card (10%HP and +1 Agi)
Accessories, Dex/Agi/Int: Archer Figures,
Accessories, Dex/Agi/Luk: Archer Figures, Clips/Slotted Rosaries with Kobold Card (+1 Str, +4 Crit)

If you have not yet gotten Arrow Crafting, now is a good time to go get it. Easy Access to element arrows will greatly increase kill speed.

Both of these builds will level very similarly to start, focusing on getting mostly Dex and Agi in the Archer and early Hunter levels. For the Int build getting a small amount of your Int (15~20) early on can help speed up leveling allowing for more regen to Double Strafe more often as well as keeping Improve Concentration active with less regen time.

Aim for getting Ankle Snare soon after changing to hunter. If you don’t want to make a trip out later to the hunter job change area to get your falcon, leave the area and kill Greatest Generals for your first 2 jobs skills and put the points in to unlock Falconry Mastery which will allow you to rent your falcon from the NPC inside the hunter’s guild. (The right wing of the underground area)

Trapping will allow you to quickly level on higher exp targets such as Clocks and Alarms in Aldebaran’s Clock Tower Dungeon.

Once your Flee becomes high enough, many other places to level will become available. Places such as Turtle Island Surface, Pyramid level 4, and Glast Hiem Prison are a few of many options. At higher levels with Nifflhiem fields will be a good source of both EXP and money.