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Good Morning Folks,

There are several issues we wanted to address this week with the community so please hold onto your hats!

DDOS and Connection Issues:
As you may have noticed, this weekend we were under a renewed DDOS attack that started to affect game service again. Due to this stricter mitigation was put into place many users had issues logging in, staying connected, making purchases, and all manner of other activities. Mitigation has stabilized the network again, but as it is in place and constantly being updated to fight off attacks players may still be experiencing some issues.

WoE Times:
We have selected the following as WoE 1 Times on RESTART: Saturday 9am-11am PDT. We charted player activity over the last month and this was one of our major peak times of player activity. Due to that we will be trying this time for WoE 1. We will be monitoring the number of users who participate week to week to see how WoE is doing.

Third Party Program:
As always the use of Third Party Programs is strictly prohibited and will eventually result in account suspension as well as the suspension of related accounts. Production Side, my team is testing some new builds for stability that will limit access to these programs for a time. We are also looking into other solutions that may be better to assist in fighting these programs.

There was a stink recently where players were accusing Ragial of being something which it is not.

Ragial is a market data aggregation website. To put it simply, it collects what players are vending and for how much and presents that information to you. There is some very basic filtering done to remove extreme prices in either direction that would negatively impact the over all experience of this tool.

Ragial does not do the following,

  • Create special data sets for so called ‘elite’ users
  • Do any sort of automated trade activities
  • Set Market Prices

Forums and Social Media Behavior:
Somewhat recently certain members of this community has started to deeply disappoint us. Players are welcome to give constructive criticism to us at any time. We welcome it because it gives us feedback to present to the studio and our management about whats frustrating the community, and yes we have gotten a bunch of it this last month. What has disappointed us is certain users who decide to attack our staff, volunteers, and other players with personal attacks regarding gender, religion, nationality, racial heritage, and/or weight. This is strictly prohibited. If it continues, we will be going after game accounts and they will not be released. I expect better from our community, I know you all to be intelligent and bright people and I hope that everyone here can agree that is not who we want representing us.

Player Population:
There is a misconception in the community that the login reports the real population numbers for the server. Unfortunately.. or perhaps fortunately, that number is wrong. As near as we can tell, it is only reporting the number of users that have recently hit the character selection server either by logging in or moving between zone servers. Due to this, the number is usually off by a couple thousand as vendors and other players that stay localized to a single map will fall off the list. So that good news is, when anti-bot had blocked the Third Party Program users, server population was actually about 4000-5000 users consistently. It’s only real players that the game does not report. Since those .. things that automate play do consistently hit the character server, they tend to not be forgotten.

Making MVPing Rewarding:
It has been stated to us that the reasons the MVP cards were removed was due to balance reasons. It has been pointed out that not having MVP cards isn’t providing that old time RO feeling (Except GTB, that card is seriously a balance nightmare). Tonight, I will be having a meeting with the studio team about the cards and what we can do. We will then move forward from there. In general we want to also increase the desirability of these monsters for everyday hunting. So what we’re planning is:

  • Use MVP drops to start crafting certain headgears without a silvervine requirement.
  • Headgears we are targeting for this are going to be traditionally stronger Cash Shop style items such as the Ride Word Hat, Well Chewed Pencil etc.
  • This will not be replacing the card slot on the drop table.

Regarding Mini Boss Cards:
Mini Boss Card drops will be added to their appropriate Monsters in the first maintenance in September.

TL:DR version:

  • DDOS Continues, may cause issues
  • WoE Saturdays 9-11am we will be monitoring participation
  • We’re working on things to combat bots
  • Ragial is a useful and good tool for the community
  • Don’t be a jerk on forums and social media
  • Real player population is higher than you think.
  • Were working on MVP cards, increasing MVP rewards in general
  • Mini Boss cards will return to drops 9/6

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