The current episode of the RE:Start (Odin) server is roughly Episode 8.2 based on map availability, however much of the content added with these episodes is broken or missing.

# Update
1 Start of the Adventure
2 Lutie
3 Comodo ~ Turtle Island
4 War of Emperium (Not yet available)
5 Juno (2-2 Classes currently unavailable)
6 Expanded Towns
Amatsu ~ KunLun ~ Louyang (8.1)~ Ayothaya (8.2)
7 Umbala (Dungeon maps 1 and 2 are removed, entrance portal connects to Ygg Tree)
8 Nifflheim

Content Update History:

Available Features:

Currently Functional Quests:

Currently Missing/Broken Quests:

  • Piano Keys (Missing NPCs)
  • The Sign (A house in Aldebaran is inaccessible to complete a required step)

Missing Content:

Campitor issued the following release expectations for RE:Start

For an overall picture of the rest of the year’s update schedule for RESTART:

  • September: Monk/Sage
  • October: Einbroch + Einbech + Dungeons
  • November: Crusader/Dancer/Bard
  • December: Lighthalzen/Kiel Hyre
  • January: Rogue/Alchemist/Homunculus

We’re going with a plan to alternate Game Content with New Classes so that something for everyone is coming at a constant pace.

Other Missing things without release dates.

  • Second class skill quests are not available. (Greed, Redemptio, etc)
  • Trans Classes should expected to be 12 to 18months from server launch. Trans is currently unavailable for all servers with thRO set for a release day of Sept 21st 2017.