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Why not another Wiki?
The simple answer is *most* of RE:Start’s information is available on the Renewal or Classic Wikis, and eventually RE:Start will be identical to Renewal. Taking the man power to create an entire new wiki would simply not be time efficient to create and maintain.

Current Projects:
Character Guides are slowly being filled in, if you have one you would like to contribute or update, email

Restart Database is now in BETA testing. There will be errors, report all errors to Vienna or Blueness either by emailing or on discord in our DB-Error-Reporting channel or on our forum. Change logs and current known errors are in the forum thread!


  • YET AGAIN. Campitor has changed his mind *AGAIN* on class released. SEPTEMBER will release Monk and Sage according the the latest news.
  • The DDoS attack seems to have returned but are much less severe than before. If you are unable to patch your client you may have been banned by the DDoS mitigation mistaking you for an attacker. Check out how to remove the ban in this post.
  • kRO has sent us a patch to help deal with the logging into other players accounts. So far it seems to be mostly fixing the issue. This however has created a huge problem with new accounts needing to be added manually. If you have a new account and want it to be activated, check this thread for details!
  • New server “Frigg” Has been delayed indefinitely. It was a Friggin bad idea anyhow.

Current Events

  • Odin is currently having a Fishing Event for the summer months! Check out the iROWiki page for details and rewards.
  • Race to Second Job Event! Any character that reaches second job during the event will get a unique reward. (King Poring Hat Costume) Check out the silvervine quest giver to claim your reward. This event was extended a bit due to DDoS attacks.