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WoE results are available here!
Warpportal has opened a thread to keep track of all current events and updates!


Between 11/20-12/07, you can claim 4 days of free VIP on your account! Just go to the Power-Up page to claim your free VIP!
There is currently a +50% EXP event going on.
An Amistr Bag event has begun! Information about obtaining one have been added to this post.
Warpportal will be participating in this year’s Extra Life event. They have some unique offers for players of WP games who make donations to Extra Life, check out their blog for more information and rewards!

Site Updates

  • Added Guides for several builds (WoE Monk, WoE Wiz, MVP Monk), and I’m working on getting updates to others (Cleaning up the Priest ones and adding WoE Sage soon). Thanks to Tickleshot and Penelope La Mew for their help in writing new guide info!
  • The silvervine page has been updated with the new hats.
  • Restart Database is now updated to reflect all proper restart spawn locations, item drops, and drop rates with the data that has been supplied to us from Warpportal. Einbroch monsters are also listed by some are not 100% correct (such as porcellio giving 3x the exp it should) because of weird localization we’ve gotten that does not follow the standard monster stat/exp conversions for RE:Start.