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  • A new Halloween Event has been added! A quick guide has been written to cover this event. Please report any errors to Vienna on iROWiki’s Discord!
  • The silvervine page has been updated with the new hats.
  • ¬†During the Sept 27th maint the NPC for the sign locked away in the alchemist building will be moved outside allowing players to complete the quest to unlock Geffenia Dungeon.
  • New hats on the Silvervine NPC! Robo Eye and Carmen Miranda’s Hat.
  • A new costume box, “Fairy Dreams” has been added.
  • Sage and Monk are out as of September 20th after maintenance!
  • The Mad Bunny Shield has finally been fixed and added.
  • Restart Database is now updated to reflect all proper restart spawn locations, item drops, and drop rates with the data that has been supplied to us from Warpportal.

Current Events